Format (ome_zarr.format)

Hierarchy of format OME-Zarr implementations.


alias of FormatV04

class ome_zarr.format.Format

Abstract base class for format implementations.

class ome_zarr.format.FormatV01

Initial format. (2020)

class ome_zarr.format.FormatV02

Changelog: move to nested storage (April 2021)

init_store(path: str, mode: str = 'r') FSStore

Not ideal. Stores should remain hidden TODO: could also check dimension_separator

class ome_zarr.format.FormatV03

Changelog: variable number of dimensions (up to 5), introduce axes field in multiscales (June 2021)

class ome_zarr.format.FormatV04

Changelog: axes is list of dicts, introduce coordinate_transformations in multiscales (Nov 2021)

validate_coordinate_transformations(ndim: int, nlevels: int, coordinate_transformations: List[List[Dict[str, Any]]] | None = None) None

Validates that a list of dicts contains a ‘scale’ transformation

Raises ValueError if no ‘scale’ found or doesn’t match ndim.


ndim – Number of image dimensions.

ome_zarr.format.detect_format(metadata: dict, default: Format) Format

Give each format implementation a chance to take ownership of the given metadata. If none matches, the default value will be returned.

ome_zarr.format.format_implementations() Iterator[Format]

Return an instance of each format implementation, newest to oldest.