Command-line (ome_zarr.cli)

Entrypoint for the ome_zarr command-line tool.

ome_zarr.cli.config_logging(loglevel: int, args: Namespace) None

Configure logging taking the verbose and quiet arguments into account.

Each -v increases the loglevel by 10 and each -q reduces the loglevel by 10. For example, an initial loglevel of INFO will be converted to DEBUG via -qqv.

ome_zarr.cli.create(args: Namespace) None

Chooses between data generation methods in ome_zarr.utils like.

coins() or astronaut().

ome_zarr.cli.csv_to_labels(args: Namespace) None

Adds csv data to labels properties Namespace) None

Wrap the download() method. Namespace) None

Wrap the info() method.

ome_zarr.cli.main(args: List[str] | None = None) None

Run appropriate function with argparse arguments, handling errors.

ome_zarr.cli.scale(args: Namespace) None

Wrap the scale() method.

ome_zarr.cli.view(args: Namespace) None

Wrap the view() method.